1 Year PG Diploma Course in Logistics & Supply chain Management

With rising prices and increased competition, there is a growing demand for a diligent supply management system. Rapid technological advancements and a burgeoning e-commerce sector have created Supply Chain Management (SCM) gain popularity. As a result, there is a booming need for experts to manage hyperlocal deliveries and mainstream logistics.

Moreover, this program confers aptitudes in interconnected business areas included in a definitive procurement of item and administration packages needed by clients. Logistics and Supply chain management compasses all development and capacity of crude materials, work-in-procedure stock, and completed merchandise from the place where it is made to the customers where it will be utilized.

Course Objective

pg diploma in logisticsThe main intention of this PG Diploma in logistics program is to confer aptitudes in supply chain administration and logistics with practical. As well as hypothetical learning in Business Organization in order to deal with the stream of materials, data, transport administrations and subsidies over the whole production network from suppliers to segment makers and from makers to the client. The course in logistics prepares the students to turn out to be proficient on the issues and measurements of the Supply chain administration so they can make significant choices for the career with no issue.

Course Duration – 1 Year

First Semester 

Core Subjects

  • 1st Month and 2nd Month – Fundamentals

(Cargo movement / Global connectivity / Multi-modal Transportation Basics)

  • 3rd Month & 4th Month– Logistics

(Shipping / Port and Airport Operations/ Transportation / Connectivity / Logistics /Cargo Handling/ DG Goods Handling)

  • 5th Month – Documentation

(Customs Procedures / Cargo clearance / Export & Import Procedures / IMDG Documentation)

  • 6th Month – Internship in a Logistics Organisation

Core subjects teaching will be handled by Industry Experienced Fraternity

Practical Sessions as per course-ware would be provided

Second Semester

Core Subjects

  • 7th Month – Supply Chain Management

(Buyer’s – Seller’s Consolidation/Procedures/Operations/Monitoring)

  • 8th Month – Inventory Management / Retailing / E-Commerce

(Cargo Storage-Management/Out-sourcing/Procurement/ Distribution/Value- Additions/Innovations and Techniques)

  • 9th Month – Cold Chain Logistics

(Scope of Growth opportunities in cold chain logistics /Reefer Cargo Handling / Storage / Pricing /Cargo movement / Challenges faced)

  • 10th Month – Case studies

Analyzing Case studies with solutions

Industrial Veterans sharing experiences basis challenges faced

  • 11th Month – Organise a Conference with a topic presentation for the Industry
  • 12th Month – Project – Paper Presentation

Subsidiary Subjects

Advanced English – Email Etiquettes / Formal Email drafting

Computer Skills – Microsoft Powerpoint

Industrial Visit – Two days visit will be provided (Inter-State)


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