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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) | Leeshore Academy Kochi2019-05-03T11:08:20+05:30
What is the possibility of getting a job?2019-03-18T12:22:59+05:30

The future prospects of Supply Chain & Logistics industry globally is promising due to the advent of new technological innovations and development of modern cargo handling techniques. The production of goods and commodities would thereby be on the increase, which in turn would provide career opportunities

What is the scope or market size of this industry?2019-03-18T12:22:15+05:30

This industry is a global industry and therefore the market size is the international economic market size. No production or distribution could be effectively managed without an efficient Logistics provider.

What background knowledge is necessary?2019-03-18T12:21:46+05:30

Logistics, being a vast industry any background knowledge would add on to the knowledge of supply chain. This industry has areas of expertise in every forefront, technical, operational, sales, marketing, customer service, costing and pricing, finance etc.

What are the areas to be served in the Logistics Industry?2019-03-18T12:21:08+05:30

There are numerous areas in which the Logistics Industry touches upon.Logistics is the science of cargo movement, storage and its handling. Therefore, areas of operations comprises of freight transportation via road, rail, air and water and as well as warehousing, cold storage, value additions to cargo etc.